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Welcome to Autumn

Autumn has started off with some very pleasant weather. Our evening at Marco’s last night was especially nice. Thanks to all who came out to see us. Let’s hope the good weather continues through October so we can stay on the patio for another month!

Our concert last Sunday at Irvington Presbyterian Church went very well. There was decent attendance in spite of the conflict with the Colts game. The sound in the sanctuary was great. Thanks to Velinda Secor for arranging the event and to Pastor Bob Heimach for the warm welcome. Thanks, also, to Craig for help with the sound.

Mark your calendars, folks, because we will be back at Chef Joseph’s on October 18. If you have not been to this fine restaurant yet, you should go. The venue is fabulous and the staff is very nice. They have also made a special effort to support live, local music. They feature top talent multiple nights during the week. Check the schedule on our home page for details on our gig.

Enjoy the Fall!