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The 2018 Marco’s Patio Season is Over

It was a fabulous summer at Marco’s Restaurant this year! I think we only missed one or two nights due to inclement weather. We had great crowds, good times, and lots of wine. Thank you to Bradley and David for making the whole thing possible.

We also want to thank all of our loyal fans who helped to make it the weekly party that it was.  Thank you to Mary Gosling, Carol Eaton and the rest of the Newport Bay contingent. Thanks, also, to Valerie Trimble and Jane Gosling for being such consistent supporters. We truly value your patronage.

So, just because the summer is over does not mean the music stops. We will have more public play dates this year. Please stay tuned for notices and postings of future Heart 2 Heart events!

Peace and Love,

Heart 2 Heart (Sandy Gosling, John Trimble, Dana Spence)