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The 2018 Marco’s Patio Season is Over

It was a fabulous summer at Marco’s Restaurant this year! I think we only missed one or two nights due to inclement weather. We had great crowds, good times, and lots of wine. Thank you to Bradley and David for making the whole thing possible.

We also want to thank all of our loyal fans who helped to make it the weekly party that it was.  Thank you to Mary Gosling, Carol Eaton and the rest of the Newport Bay contingent. Thanks, also, to Valerie Trimble and Jane Gosling for being such consistent supporters. We truly value your patronage.

So, just because the summer is over does not mean the music stops. We will have more public play dates this year. Please stay tuned for notices and postings of future Heart 2 Heart events!

Peace and Love,

Heart 2 Heart (Sandy Gosling, John Trimble, Dana Spence)



The Anniversary of Trimble

Right around this time a year ago our friend John Trimble brought his newly purchased congo drums and bongos to Marco’s for the evening. Little did we know that it would turn out to be a transformative event.

Up until that moment, Heart2Heart had always been a laid-back vocal-keyboard duo, of sorts. But with the addition of John’s percussion, we became more peppy, snappy, and slap (a congo reference) happy.

It’s been a lot of fun with John aboard and we really appreciate his contributions – the added percussion and the song suggestions.

If you get a chance to catch us, you will see the difference. Thanks John, for bringing the good times and great music!

The 2018 Patio Season at Marco’s is Here!

Yes! Bradley has given the “thumbs up” for us to start playing on the patio at Marco’s Restaurant.

Come join us every Wednesday, weather permitting, of course, for a fun evening of music, food, and half price bottles of wine. Check our homepage for the details. It’s our favorite outdoor venue!

The Marco’s Patio Season Is Here

The better weather is finally here and our favorite outdoor venue is open! Bradley and the rest of the Marco’s staff has graciously invited us back for another season of fun and music on the patio.

So when weather permits, expect us to be at Marco’s Restaurant  most Wednesday nights. Check our homepage for the details. We are so happy the warm weather is finally here! Oh, and don’t forget, it’s half price bottles of wine every Wednesday at Marco’s!

You Call This Spring???

What is going on with this weather? It doesn’t look like like Spring, it doesn’t smell like Spring, and it sure doesn’t feel like Spring!

Well, let’s not dwell too much on the gloomy sky and cold air, we’re sure the weather will soon be perfect for one of our favorite Springtime events: the annual Raymond James Stutz Artist Open House.

The Raymond James Stutz Artist Open House is one of the biggest yearly arts events in Indianapolis. For two days, April 25 and 26, the resident artists will have their studios open for visitors to come view their work and see where they work. The event will also feature food and beverage vendors and plenty of live music, including Heart 2 Heart! Our set will be Saturday from 2 – 5pm on the 2nd floor, D hall.

For details on the entire event, visit http://www.stutzartists.com/openhouse.html. Put it on your calendar!

Also, don’t forget to come check us out next Thursday, April 3, at Chef Josephs. $5 martinis! See our home page for details.

In the meantime, we’re still waiting for the real Spring to show up.


Still Frozen

Normally we start to see warmer weather during the early days of March. And we sometimes even see Spring flowers starting to poke out of the cold ground. No so, here in 2014. It still feels like January, and it looks like it, too. Hard to believe the official start of Spring is little more than two weeks away.

Speaking of, the first Springtime public engagement for Heart 2 Heart is coming April 3 at Chef Joseph’s at the Connoisseur Room. It’s a beautiful venue with great sound and Yamaha baby grand piano. It’s one my favorite places to play! And Thursday nights are $5 martini nights! Now you have many reasons to come check it out.

Try to stay warm and keep hoping for Spring!

The Midst Of Winter

Like most folks here in central Indiana, Heart 2 Heart is ready to be done with this cold, dreary weather.

Aside from a few private events, it’s been a slow start to 2014. We do, however, have our first public appearance coming up on February 19 at Chef Joseph’s in downtown Indy. It’s our favorite downtown venue: it’s classy and they love live music. It’s a Wednesday night, so the special is $4 draft beers. The tap selection features hand-crafted beers from local brewers. We start at 7pm and play til 10pm.

Let’s hope Spring is right around the corner. Stay warm!

Slip Sliding Away…

Well, here we are in mid November and Autumn is fading away. It’s been a nice fall with lots of sunshine and time outdoors, but I know the cold dreary weather will soon arrive.

This month has been busy with private engagements for Heart 2 Heart. December looks to be more of the same. We do miss, however, appearing in locations where our friends can come to see us perform. Word has it, 2014 will see an increase in public play dates. Should this develop, we will certainly let you know.

In the meantime, enjoy what’s left of Autumn. You will hear from us soon.

November Update

We hope everyone had good October and a happy Halloween. The only public appearance for Heart 2 Heart this month is at Chef Joseph’s in downtown Indy. Check our home page for details.

More to come later…

October Update

The cooler weather has arrived and with it comes the end of our season at Marco’s Restaurant. It was a very good year for Heart 2 Heart on the patio. Thank you to everyone who spent their Wednesday evenings with us. We truly appreciated your patronage. Thanks, also, to Bradley, David and all the staff at Marco’s for being so good to us. We hope to see everyone next year!

Our next autumn public appearance will be at Chef Joseph’s at the Connoisseur Room on October 18. This is my favorite downtown venue for H2H. The interior is well designed with live music in mind and the vibe is very cool. You really need to visit this place!

Our schedule is filling up for the next three months but mostly with private engagements. We will, however, let everyone know when any public appearances come up.

Enjoy October!