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Welcome to Autumn

Autumn has started off with some very pleasant weather. Our evening at Marco’s last night was especially nice. Thanks to all who came out to see us. Let’s hope the good weather continues through October so we can stay on the patio for another month!

Our concert last Sunday at Irvington Presbyterian Church went very well. There was decent attendance in spite of the conflict with the Colts game. The sound in the sanctuary was great. Thanks to Velinda Secor for arranging the event and to Pastor Bob Heimach for the warm welcome. Thanks, also, to Craig for help with the sound.

Mark your calendars, folks, because we will be back at Chef Joseph’s on October 18. If you have not been to this fine restaurant yet, you should go. The venue is fabulous and the staff is very nice. They have also made a special effort to support live, local music. They feature top talent multiple nights during the week. Check the schedule on our home page for details on our gig.

Enjoy the Fall!


September Is Here!

It still feels like the middle of Summer – hot and humid, but we love it.

It’s been a great summer on the patio at Marco’s. We’ve had great weather and very good crowds. Thanks to all of of you for coming out every Wednesday. We’ll continue to play there until the cold weather comes.

Put this on your calendar: September 22 – At Irvington Presbyterian Church. This is a  Sunday evening concert at a beautiful church in the fashionable Irvington area. Doors open at 5:30 and we go on at 6PM. The 1 hour show is free and open to the public. The address is 55 Johnson Avenue.

This month has a number of private events for H2H, but we will always let you know of any public engagements when they come in.

Have a safe September!

Hot Summer Nights

Thank you to all the brave souls who made it out to the patio at Marco’s last night. On my way to the gig, the thermometer in my car read 101 degrees! We had a good turnout in spite of the heat.

Speaking of Marco’s, that is where our only public appearances will be for the next two months. We will, however, be back at Chef Joseph’s as soon as we nail down a date.  Probably September. We will keep you posted.

Stay cool everyone!

Oh, and speaking of… here we are at Chef Joseph’s. Thanks to Sarah, our favorite bartender, for taking the photo.


Spring Is Here!

Finally, we have what might pass as Spring weather. What does that bring? Wednesday nights on the patio at Marco’s Restaurant!

We had our first patio date last Wednesday, with a very good showing. Thanks to all who came out. We will be back this Wednesday, May 8, starting at 6:30PM, and through the Spring, Summer, and Fall, as long as the weather is good. See you at Marco’s Restaurant, 54th & Keystone, Indianapolis, IN.

And also…

Thanks to everyone who made it down to the Stutz Artists annual open house. We had fun as always and saw lots of interesting art. It’s one of my favorite gigs. Our tip jar brought in a big wad of cash for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Great Strides event held this past Sunday. Thanks to all who contributed.

See you on the patio!





April Update

Well, the calendar says it’s April, but it sure doesn’t feel like it! March was even worse! Thank goodness there were no outdoor gigs. Brrrr.

Next Thursday, April 11,  is our third engagement at Chef Joseph’s at the Connoisseur Room. We are really enjoying this new place. It’s upscale, but comfortable, and the staff are very friendly and efficient. It’s our new favorite place to gig!

Also, don’t forget our annual appearance at the Stutz Artist Open House on April 27. Our load-in time (as if you care) is 2:15PM, so we’ll be starting around 3PM. Not sure what floor we’ll be on, so check the program to find out when you get there.

We hope you see you sometime this month!

February (The Love Month!) Update

It’s late in the month as I write this. There’s a full moon tonight, and it’s beautiful. We only had a private gig this month: the annual Valentine’s Day dinner at Hillcrest Country Club. It’s a classy gig and we love it. (P.S. Thanks to bartender Jeff for the wine tip!)

Be sure to check us out next month, MAR 14, at Chef Joseph’s in downtown Indy. It may be turning into a monthly event. It’s a great place with lots of other very talented people performing there.

Take care, everyone!

January Update

Hey, everybody! We have a new gig, and it’s in downtown Indy!

Come check out our first appearance on Thursday, Feb 7, at Chef Joseph’s at the Connoisseur Room, 115 East Ohio Street.

Sandy and I did an open stage there last week and the place is fabulous! It’s beautiful inside and the staff is great. We’ll play 7 – 10pm.  We hope to see you there!

December Update

Our regular Wednesday night gig at Marco’s Restaurant is currently on hold until after the first of the year. They had a lot of reservations for the holidays and couldn’t afford to give up the bar space for our setup. But don’t worry, we will be back soon.

Our next engagement is a private New Years Eve event at a local country club. However, look for some announcements for some public engagements in the near future.

Happy Holidays from Heart 2 Heart!

Private Gigs This Week, Marco’s Next Week

We work a lot of private events and we a had a couple back-to-back ones this week. But, we will be back at Marco’s next Wednesday, 12/12, and the following week, 12/19. Come on out, we’ll be doing our Holiday tunes!

Marco’s Update

Just a quick reminder that we will be inside at Marco’s this Wednesday, NOV 28, from 6:30 – 9:30PM. I suggest you make reservations because there is less room in the bar area than the patio and we expect a good crowd this week. Hope to see you there!